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Women’s hormonal health is always a topic of interest among women of all ages. Why endure monthly pain, excessive bleeding, and fluctuating emotions? We can provide you with natural ways to balance your hormones and diminish these unpleasant symptoms.

Hormonal imbalances may point to medical issues such as poor nervous system health, a weight disorder, or insulin resistance. Some hormonal health problems are also related to poor diet and lifestyle choices. As women get older, they also experience a variety of age-related conditions and issues. Today, many women are looking to Naturopathic Doctors to help them with symptoms of menopause. A woman who is experiencing menopause may seek out more natural treatments, rather than taking prescription drugs to regulate hormones. We can support your hormones and modulate your endocrine function to restore balance and minimize menopausal symptoms. For all hormonal conditions, we offer salival hormone testing that is more comprehensive than the standard blood tests for hormones. This allows us to customize a treatment plan that is individually unique and safe.