Sexual Dysfunction & Hashimoto's Treatment in Bend

Sexual Dysfunction & Hashimoto'sSexual Dysfunction & Hashimoto's

What is sexual dysfunction?

It is a condition that prevents an individual from wanting or getting sexual satisfaction. The problem can be experienced at any stage of the sexual response cycle ranging from desire and arousal to orgasm and pleasure. Both women and men can experience sexual dysfunction. It is not limited to erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems in men. It also includes vaginal dryness, pain during sex, difficulty to achieve orgasm, and low libido.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can affect anyone at any age. However, those above 40 are at higher risk of developing sexual disorders. This is attributed to aging and a decline in overall health.

Psychological issues

Anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt and stress, and work-related problems can lead to sexual, relational, and marital problems.

Physical and medical issues

Problems like neurological issues, hormone imbalances, drug abuse, vascular problems, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases such as liver or kidney failure can result in sexual dysfunction.

The naturopathic treatment approach to treat sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be treated naturally. Naturopathic medicine can help address different sexual issues and concerns. Common naturopathic treatments include herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, dietary shifts, and hormonal therapies.

Use of herbs

Herbs like Gingko Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, Lepidium peruvianum, and Asian ginseng can be helpful. Gingko Biloba helps to improve blood circulation in both the brain and the body. The herb is critical in correcting sexual disorders especially erectile dysfunction in men. Asian ginseng is another powerful herb that can treat stress-related hormonal fluctuations. The Nitric Oxide contained in this herb is an essential de-stressor that can curb anxiety and balance your mood.  It is also a natural testosterone booster that raises cAMP levels that aids hormone pathways. Lepidium peruvianum helps to stimulate the production of testosterone. It also has a high affinity for adrenal glands. Additionally, Lepidium peruvianum treats reuptake of serotonin that helps with sexual dysfunction. Tribulus Terrestris is another herb that raises serum levels in testosterone. It triggers the production of luteinizing hormone and enhances vasodilation thus promoting erection.

Physical medicine

Exercises such as aerobics and weight training can help support cardiovascular health. It increases energy levels and promotes relaxation when it comes to rest. Moreover, kegel exercises can help improve muscle tone and increase blood flow into the pelvic area. All these can help to treat sexual dysfunction.

Dietary supplements

Minerals such as zinc have been known to treat erectile dysfunction in males. It aids in sperm motility and production. Vitamins such as B, C, and D are also recommended. Tyrosine, magnesium, selenium, and omega-3 are other essential dietary supplements in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Proper nutrition

Good nutrition can help remedy sexual disorders. The recommended foods include whole, fresh, unprocessed, and unrefined foods. Richly pigmented berries can help promote vascular integrity. Vegetables, soy, beans, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, and seeds are also vital. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary foods and dairy products can also help.

Homeopathic approach

Homeopathy is natural and non-surgical. The approach supports both female and male sexual vitality and desires and is safe, effective, and non-hormonal.  The medicines used in homeopathy include Agnus castus, caladium, Argentum nitricum, Lycopodium causticum, selenium staphysagria, and metallicum. These medicines help to treat erectile dysfunction, diminishing sexual ability, limpness, and coldness in genitals among other problems.

Lifestyle changes

Alcohol and tobacco smoking can ruin one’s sexual performance. Limiting alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can help resolve sexual dysfunction.

Bottom Line

Sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing and hard to deal with. The disorder can come as a result of both physical and psychological issues, but naturopathic remedies can help treat sexual dysfunction.

Hashimoto's disease

Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped organ located in the front of your neck. It produces hormones that regulate many important processes in your body, including energy level, heart rate, and weight.

Cause of Hashimoto's disease

If you have Hashimoto's disease, your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid gland, causing it to become damaged and stop producing normal amounts of hormones. As a result, you may experience a wide range of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and depression.

The naturopathic treatment approach to treat  Hashimoto's disease

Naturopathic physicians believe in using a variety of approaches to health, including diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes, to help improve the body's function.