Chronic Sinusitis Treatment in Bend

Chronic SinusitisChronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis can be treated with:

  • Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • Ozone ear Insufflation
  • Major autohemotherapy

Chronic sinusitis, also referred to as rhinosinusitis, is a disorder characterized by the inflammation and swelling of the cavities around the nasal passages and can extend to the sinuses. The inflammation can last up to 12 weeks despite treatment. The resulting blockage can be so severe that it can interfere with the nasal drainage causing a buildup of mucus. The buildup can make it hard for you to breathe through the nose. In other cases, it can cause an accumulation of allergens, pus, immune cells, and other infected materials. Sinuses help to warm the air we breathe in and have a rich network of blood vessels that provide a high level of immune cells to the inflamed area which triggers pain and inflammation.

What Causes Chronic Sinusitis?

There are several factors that can trigger chronic sinusitis.

Among them include:

  • Allergic reactions from dust, pollen, and animal dander
  • Nasal growths, commonly known as polyps
  • Facial trauma
  • Deviation in the nasal septum
  • Bacterial, fungal, and viral infections
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Food sensitivities
  • Permeability and irregularities in blood vessel tone

What are the symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis?

  • Reduced sense of taste and smell
  • Ear pain
  • Bad breathe and sore throat
  • Nasal congestion
  • Pain, swelling, and tenderness around the cheeks, eyes, and forehead
  • Thick yellow mucus
  • Nausea, fatigue, and fever

Naturopathic treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

Although conventional treatments can help with chronic sinusitis, it only treats the symptoms and can have both short and long-term side effects. Therefore, natural treatment is recommended for chronic sinusitis. The naturopathic approach starts with the assessment of the causes or possible triggers, both internal and external. Before treatment, several factors are investigated. These include your past history, diet, toxin loads, hormonal changes, chemicals, stress, and other nutritional irregularities. Certain conditions can result in detoxification impairment leading to lymph vessel stagnation. Possible natural treatment approaches include:

Sauna Therapy

If the cause is due to impaired detoxification, then techniques and medicines that help to drain the lymphatic system will be applied. Sauna therapy is one approach that helps to reduce toxin buildup. Sauna therapy is a naturopathic detoxification program that promotes sweating, relieves unwanted pain, and improves blood circulation in the body. This therapy also balances the levels of cortisol in the body thus reducing stress.


This technique utilizes water at varying temperatures both internally and externally to treat sinus inflammation. It can include foot baths, steam baths, hot and cold showers, or contrast therapy. It also includes the use of essential oils like lavender to improve relaxation. Hydrotherapy can help loosen mucus and reduce pain and can enhancee blood flow through constriction and vasodilation of blood vessels.

Use of Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines can help fight infection in the sinuses. They may be used alone or integrated into other treatment plans. The herbal medicines can be in the form of tinctures, extracts, creams, or tea.  The use of herbal medicine to treat chronic sinusitis can take up to six weeks and includes calendula, chamomile, relaxation tea, lavender, and many more. Herbs can help to improve the immune system thus preventing recurrence of the disease.

Nutritional supplements

A nutritional protocol can be administered to help promote the efficiency of another treatment plan or improve the results of therapy. Specific nutritional supplements can be used depending on your digestive health and other personal dietary plans. Spicy foods such as pepper, horseradish, garlic, and pineapple are recommended.

Massage Therapy

Manual Lymph drainage is a specialized massage that can help promote lymphatic flow and reduce blockage. It involves the superficial massaging of the lymphatic capillaries and can reduce swollen tissues around the face and neck.


Chronic sinusitis is a debilitating condition that can make you feel very uncomfortable. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, loss of smell, and pain can ruin your day. However, the condition can be treated naturally through practices such as massage therapy, sauna therapy, use of nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and hydrotherapy.