U.V. Blood Irradiation in Bend, Oregon

U.V. Blood IrradiationU.V. Blood Irradiation

With blood being exposed to UV light, bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream absorb five times as much photonic energy as does the red and white cells. The UV light has two desirable outcomes:

  1. Your immune response is heightened by exposure to UV and produces anti-inflammatory effects
  2. The UV light concurrently kills infecting organisms, making them “antigenic”

This means the fragments of the killed infecting agents create a safe, vaccination-like response. This further activates and directs the immune system to the specific infections the body is attempting to overcome. The net response is the induction of a secondary killing of these infecting agents throughout the entire body. Ozone therapy itself does not cause the healing effect but rather induces the body’s own innate healing mechanisms. Thus, it may be used successfully in any medical condition regardless of the western medical diagnosis. Ozone and U.V.therapy are not typically “standalone" therapies but used with other treatment modalities including acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, and allopathic (western) medication.