Herpes Treatment in Bend


What is herpes?

Herpes is a virus that resides within the body. It falls under the family of five different viruses with various strains causing diseases in human beings.

What causes herpes?

This kind of severe infection is caused by a virus known as HSV. The virus is transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person and it spreads swiftly. Once HSV reaches the spinal cord nerves, it becomes impossible to eliminate. It also permanently settles on the genital area. There are two variations of the herpes viruses. The first one is known as Type I. This kind of virus is associated with blisters and sores on the mouth. The second is Type 2 which is confined in the thighs and genital areas. Additional body parts such as the spinal cord, eyes, brain, and hands can also be affected by the virus. Once you get in contact with the virus, the first signs appear between 3-14 days.

Naturopathic medical perspective

There is no permanent cure for herpes. The only available treatment options for herpes are meant for relief. Natural remedies are the best when it comes to this kind of virus.

Here are some ways to provide naturopathic relief:


Honey is usually applied to the affected parts to reduce sores and blisters. The science behind honey is quite simple but very significant. This natural remedy contains enough sugar which prevents further multiplication of the virus. In addition, it comprises glucose oxidase which helps in making hydrogen peroxide. Honey also draws away any fluid on the affected area, in turn, drying the blisters.

Add lysine to your diet

You can also reduce the effects of herpes by eating foods with lysine. The best diet for treatment should therefore contain peanuts, germ, liver, or wheat. The virus always needs the arginine protein in order to multiply, and foods rich with lysine help prevent the additional formation of arginine.

Stress management

Stress only worsens the situation by affecting the immune system. A herpes outbreak is more common when one is experiencing high levels of stress. It is recommended for one to manage their levels of stress in order to lower the chances of the virus spreading. To achieve this, you can try meditation, yoga, and working out.

Use lemon balm extracts

Lemon contains important properties such as tannin necessary for keeping the herpes virus in check. Secondly, lemon balm also relieves stress.

Avoid refined carbohydrates

These types of carbohydrates lower the body’s ability to produce more antibodies. This will in turn impact the immune system. Therefore, reducing the consumption of refined carbs lowers the extent of a herpes outbreak.

High intake of alkaline foods

Foods rich in acids tend to reduce the efficacy of your immune system. One should therefore eat alkaline foods in order to help the body maintain balance and PH levels. You can eat foods such as fish, veggies, fresh fruits, and grains.