Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Bend, Oregon

Chinese Medicine & AcupunctureChinese Medicine & Acupuncture


Points on the body are connected by pathways called meridians. Thin needles are inserted into the skin along the meridians at different points to access and redirect the qi. The Dong Han Acupuncture and Herbology system traces its origin to the Shilla Dynasty (circa 4th to 6th century) in Korea. It has been comprised exclusively of medical scholars since its inception. The system draws upon the sophisticated radial pulse diagnosis models included in classical writings. The Lineage Heads of the Dong Han Acupuncture System have since incorporated the details of western biomedicine into the advanced pulse diagnosis models used during treatment.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Natural substances such as leaves, roots, barks, flowers, fruit, and minerals are used to make up specific individual formulas for each person. Chinese herbs are administered as a formula to balance the patient’s energy. Learn more about Herbal Therapy.