Force of nature natural cleaner

Force of nature natural cleaner

Force of Nature stands apart: The only Natural Disinfectant to combine salt, water, vinegar, and a little electricity into a powerful cleaner, it’s a safe way to sanitize with NO artificial dyes or dangerous chemicals.

When Force of Nature says natural, they mean natural. Their products use Hypochlorous acid to disinfect safely: That’s the same substance white blood cells use to fight infection, gentle enough to be used around children and animals, but strong enough to kill 99.9% of germs. Concerned about the amount of chemicals in your cleaning product? Other brands use up to 5% Sodium Hydroxide: Force of Nature uses just 0.0000003%.

Force of Nature uses ZERO fragrances, dyes, surfactants, preservatives, quats, bleach, or alcohol. Now we’re talking! Just fill up the Force of Nature bottle with water, add the salt and vinegar capsule, and let the electrolyte process take over! Soon you’ll be able to spray down surfaces with ease: No need to break out the hefty chemicals.

When you order the Force of Nature Starter Kit, you’ll receive all you need to create your own Natural Disinfectant: an Electrolyzer that plugs into your wall outlet, 5 activator capsules (with enough power to create 2 weeks worth of cleaning solution each), and a spray bottle. All that’s left is to add water from your tap, and you’re on your way to cleaner, safer surfaces!

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